Remove Red Wine Stain

Remove Red Wine Stain

Remove Red Wine Stain on Clothe or Carpet

Don’t go ga-ga over red wine stains yet. Here’s how you can remove red wine stain on your dress.

Common Items Used to Remove Red Wine Stain

1. Salt. It will fix the stain in a jiffy! Yes, sodium is used in the clothing industry to fix dye. So if the waiter in the restaurant accidentally pours red wine on your white dress, just grab the salt shaker and sprinkle some salt on the spot.

2. White Wine. Who knew that two wrongs make a right. Pour some white on the red wine stain. White wine counteracts the red wine making it easier to remove the original stain.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide. Remove red wine stain with a little science– or not. Hearing someone say hydrogen peroxide sounds fancy sciency to the ears but it’s actually easy to find. Drug stores sell it over the counter so the next time you have to remove red wine stain, make a quick detour to the pharmacy.

4. Mixed Household Items. You don’t like to pour your fancy white wine, salt alone is not working and you are lightyears away from the nearest pharmacy? Then just get some household items and start mixing. Get water, vinegar and soap and mix them together. Apply the ‘concoction’ to the stain, then blot it with clean rag and cold water. Then blot it again with a clean and dry cloth.

Also, it’s important to remember that when you are trying to remove a stain, always work from the outside of the stain toward the middle of the stain. This will make it easier to remove most of the stain and, at the same time, it prevents the stain from further spreading.

Although wearing a red dress might be a better preventive option. Think about it. You won’t have to remove red wine stain because you won’t even notice it on your red dress….Are we a genius or what?

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